Friday, August 10, 2012

Documentary about VBAC - "Trial of Labor"

The location where you give birth is so important. What the people around you believe about birth will affect your experience. Obstetricians are surgeons and they are trained in a model that believes birth must be managed because it is wrought with danger. The midwifery model believes in the strength and robust nature of women's bodies and the midwife is present to encourage and support this natural, physiologic process.

Too many women are birthing in a model where their bodies are seen as defective. Too many women are having C-sections and then being denied the opportunity to have a VBAC for subsequent births.

In this new documentary Trial of Labor (click for their website), mothers share their stories about a previous C-Section and their desire to do it differently the second (or third) time. This women were not prepared for birth the first time around and they are determined to do it differently this time!

As a doula, I have provided labor support to two mothers who had successful VBAC's (Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean); one of these was a home birth with a midwife and the other was a hospital birth with an OB. 

This film needs donations to support the final development... please consider donating (even $1) to help makes this excellent idea a reality!!! (click here for the website)

They also talk about the importance of having a doula :)