Friday, May 10, 2013

Wait for healthy babies - 39 week info-graphic!

Another inspiration from the results of the Listening to Mothers Survey III ...

I currently work on a March of Dimes funded grant project with the Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative where we provide education and support to hospitals and providers in an effort to eliminate non-medically indicated deliveries before 39 weeks of gestation.

The recent LTM-III survey results reveal dis-heartening statistics about a mother's knowledge of a "term" pregnancy... SO MANY MOTHERS still don't know that a healthy pregnancy should be allowed to continue for AT LEAST 39 weeks!

Check out my info-graphic below:

Spread the word and protect those tiny, developing babies!

A Full-term pregnancy is 10 MONTHS!!!

~Wisdom and Birth


  1. Hats off to you guys !! You are doing a great job!! Thank you for spreading a word!! surgical mesh lawyer

  2. Thank you :) Please feel free to share and spread the information!