Thursday, June 20, 2013

Celebrating EBAW 2013 - We can do Better for Birth!

Happy 3rd Annual Empowered Birth Awareness Week!!!
September 2-9, 2013

This is my second year blogging as Wisdom and Birth for Empowered Birth Awareness Week (EBAW) and I am SO happy to see the movement growing!

Last year, for my first EBAW (which was actually the second annual EBAW, but the first one I was aware of!) I wrote a post about what you can do on Empowered Birth Awareness Week to spread the knowledge and advocate for better maternity care for mothers, babies, and families. You can read that post here.

Empowered Birth Awareness Week is one week, at the beginning of September, in which we ALL can do something, no matter how big or small, to improve birth for women all around the world.

Why do we need to improve birth for women in the U.S (and around the world)?


WE CAN DO BETTER than one out of every three babies being born surgically!

WE CAN DO BETTER than two-thirds of women pushing on their backs!

WE CAN DO BETTER than only 6% of women having a doula!

WE CAN DO BETTER than 30% of labors being medically induced!

WE CAN DO BETTER than 50% of mothers receiving Pitocin to induce or augment their labor!

WE CAN DO BETTER than 17% of vaginal births receiving an Episiotomy!

WE CAN DO BETTER than 10% of vaginal births receiving a pubic shave!

WE CAN DO BETTER than only a 14% VBAC rate!

Birth is important! Every woman deserves to feel her birth was special and that her and her baby mattered most during this experience. Unfortunately, the reality is that most women do not feel their birth mattered. Far too often we have to hear about how the "doctor delivered the baby".

Birth is not about doctors, it is not about hospitals, it is not about the caregiver, provider, doula, or nurse...   Birth is about the Mother and the Baby!

We will know that we have done better for mothers and babies when birth is not a feared. When a baby's schedule for birth is respected more than the doctor's and when a woman's body is trusted to give birth without routine and unnecessary medical intervention.

We will know we have finally done better for mothers when women rejoice in their ability to give birth and our culture praises them for it!

Join the movement!
~Wisdom and Birth

Here are some ideas of what YOU can do to for EBAW

Data above came from the Listening to Mothers Survey III

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