Sunday, June 16, 2013

For my Wonderful Dad, Happy Father's Day!

"Girls Can do..." was always my father's prompt

"ANYTHING!" I'd respond,

and I absolutely believed it.


My father taught me to be strong, passionate, and beautiful. He showed me that although I am the prettiest girl on the outside ;) I am even more beautiful within. He has always encouraged me to share that inner beauty with those I love, and with the world.

He has taught me what I am worth, what I am capable of, and how I deserve to be respected. He fostered dreams and independence within my energetic mind and he encouraged me to extend myself beyond any known boundary.

A father has the power to demonstrate to a young woman what she is worth, based on how he treats her and her mother. A father demonstrates what a man is, how a man should (or perhaps should not) act based on how he cares for his family, his work, and himself.

A father is most surely one of the most influential and important people in the life of their daughter.

A good father can love and support his daughter in many ways, but an incredible father becomes his daughter's best friend, slowly over time, because he knows her heart and has gently fostered her soul.

This is my father, the incredible one.

Happy Father's Day to a Wonderful Dad!

Dad, thank you for the countless diaper changes, late night feedings, and learning how to do 'pony-tails'. For the long walks, long talks, and trips to get ice cream. Thank you for the "ditch-days" from school, letting me shake the shake-n-bake, and our big vacations. Thank you for our motorcycle trips in the mountains, listening to music - just father and daughter for a day :) 

Thank you for our family. For all the people you have brought into my life who have taught me something treasured and valuable, who have shaped me into who I am. Thank you for driving 12 hours, through the night, every year for our annual Thanksgiving trip to Kansas, so we could see our aunts, uncles, and cousins. For showing me how to be devoted to your family and to love them, even when it may be so hard to do. Thank you for my siblings, (yes, all of them!), what an incredible group of people we have pulled together and called family.

Thank you for the hours and hours of phone calls - whether crying, stressed, or exuberant, you've always met me where I needed you to be. Thank you for all the interview advice, for always putting me first, and for reminding me how to be my best. For all the wise words, past examples, and reasons I shouldn't make the same mistakes you had. Thank you for forgiving me, when I made  mistakes.

Thank you for the times when you were hard on me, only because you expected more. Thank you for the times when you didn't give me enough, so I could find my own strength within. Thank you for unknowingly being my "fall guy", when I needed a good lie and thank you for your pushes, when I needed a good shove!

I want to thank you MOST for being a strong and loving example of a man. One who strives to put his family first and to provide for our all needs. For demonstrating what a man and a father are capable of - and for setting the 'bar' high for the man that could reasonably expect to be with me :)

I hope one day my (future) daughter proudly says that her father, the man I chose because of your example, is the best dad ever and that she, like me, is a Daddy's girl :)

So, Papa, Happy Father's Day!! and by the way, this is your 29th Father's Day, counting from pregnancy! may be only of your last few as 'just' a dad! ;)  

I LOVE You, Dad! Always and Forever!

~Daddy's girl,
Wisdom and Birth


  1. We all know that nobody's perfect so even if we don't have the best dad, we must love and appreciate them.

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