Monday, July 8, 2013

It's Not the Babies that are Expensive...

I was reading through all the comments on the Reddit post "what was marriage like in the first year?" and one of the most maddening (or saddening) recurrent themes was that of newly-wed couples who had had a baby together in their first year of marriage and felt the financial toll of having the baby was SO GREAT - it sometimes ended up causing major rifts in their relationships.

Without fail, every post in which the Redditor described how children were the trigger of their financial downfall, they mentioned how expensive FORMULA AND DIAPERS were... *head smack*

Babies aren't expensive... the crap we buy for them is! The choices we make about what we feed our baby, what we diaper and clothe them with, etc. Major corporations are making a huge profit off of American families, off of people like you and me, because their advertising works. We pass up the free, cheap, and often healthier options for the products we see advertised - in our face - everyday.
Babies do not need formula and disposable diapers, in fact, the vast majority of babies, families, and countries would be MUCH BETTER if formula and disposable diapers were never advertised again. It may sound like a little much, but we would all survive just fine like we did before Pampers and Similac were around making millions, excuse me billions, in profits off our struggling American families - not to mention those even less fortunate families around the world that are suffering from these unnecessary expenses!

Feeding Your Infant

The cost of infant formula for one year is approximately $2,366

Breastfeeding - $0. Absolutely free.

The vast majority of babies need nothing but breast milk for the first 6 months of life, with the addition of appropriate family foods after that time. Save the money!!! You can introduce family foods and save even more on the unnecessary infant foods... fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole foods are cheaper and healthier! In addition, breast milk is chock full of nutrients, minerals, and living cells for immunity - none of which can be found in costly formula.

Formula manufacturing companies do not have your babies best interest in mind. They only seek to run a business and make a profit. In the United States, the formula advertising is so successful that it has almost completely undermined breastfeeding as the normal and best way to feed your baby and now many believe that babies may actually need formula at some point. WRONG!

The vast majority of babies will never need formula and in reality, they should never receive formula. If 90% of babies were fed nothing but breast milk for the first six months and continued breastfeeding through one year, then we could save over 900 babies per year.

Let me say that again, we have the power to save over 900 babies a YEAR by breastfeeding!! There are so many benefits to breastfeeding, including a healthier baby who needs to visit the doctor less often and parents who will miss work less often too! Breastfeeding is natural and normal, but not always easy. There are many professionals who can help you with breastfeeding, be sure to find one that works well for you!

So what about diapers? 

Disposable diapers cost approximately $2,400 per child AND they contain toxic chemicals. They are PACKED with toxic chemicals in order to be "absorbent" - the little crystals or tiny white beads you see after a diaper explodes, disintegrates, or has been worn for awhile... these are composed of hazardous and toxic chemicals. Diapers bathe a baby's most sensitive organs in heat and chemicals everyday, for years. Truly, studies have found Dioxins in diapers, were are very hazardous to everyone's health, but especially a tiny developing baby. Manufacturing companies are allowed to do this because the toxic chemicals are "separated" from the babies skin by some papery and plastic fabrics - remember, these companies DO NOT have your baby's best interest in mind... just to profit off those who will fall victim to their expensive lies.

Cloth diapers cost approximately $480 per child and can be used for more than one baby, saving even more money on future babies, too! Compared to babies who use disposable diapers, babies wearing cloth diapers learn to use the toilet earlier - meaning that you are done with diaper changing sooner! Cloth diapering is WAY better for the environment, your baby's health, your sanity, and your wallet. Contrary to what the big diaper industry wants you to believe, cloth diapering is NOT disgusting and horrible to deal with and their are more options in cloth diapering than ever before! There are companies to clean your diapers, or simple ways to clean them at home. No big deal. Plus, there are so many cute designs and choices, building your collection could be fun!

SO, by simply using cloth diapers and breastfeeding your baby for at least the first year, you could save a minimum of $4,300! 
Take a vacation or make a special purchase with the money you saved!

There are many other ways to save money, such as purchasing used baby furniture, instead of new. A few simple products make the first months with a baby easier, but you truly don't need much! If you are on a tight budget, all you may really need is a bassinet for sleeping baby next to your bed, a wrap to hold and carry your baby, some onesies, blankets, and cloth diapers! You could probably ask for many of these as gifts at your baby shower :)

So no more blaming babies, they are not responsible for the expensive and unnecessary purchases we make. Keep your money where it belongs, with your family, and forgo the disposables and the formula!

You deserve your money more than those CEO's!
~Wisdom and Birth

Approximate cost information above comes from The Business of Baby by Jennifer Margulis (2013).

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