Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wisdom and Birth is turning 1!!!

 Happy One Year to Wisdom and Birth!

WOW! I can't believe my birth blog is already One Year Old!

I had wanted to start a birth blog for many years, but just never got around to learning how to conquer the IT nightmare that technology can be for me. Finally, with a little inspiration from a friend, I conquered the web and created Wisdom and Birth in July of 2012!

My blog began simply, with a few posts of things I had created in the past, such as my DONA position paper and a book review, but I was lost with where to start and how to write to my new (and at the time non-existent) audience. Now, I have over 30 published posts and I am reaching out of the comfortable and safe topics (such as natural nipple creams) and into the controversial ones like Ultrasounds and Pitocin!

When I began blogging as Wisdom and Birth I wasn't sure how much of my "voice" I wanted to put into my blog and how much of it I wanted to leave as "professional". You see, with my Bachelor's degree in Science and (almost) a Master's in Public Health, I have been heavily trained into writing with very little soul - just the facts. I have so much Passion for all things birth and baby related and it is my goal to slowly recover the "soul" in my writing and to get this passionate voice across to my growing audience!

So, for this next year of blogging, one of my goals is to write more posts that have 'soul'... and this is one of my first attempts to do so!

As I reflect on this past year I am reminded of how busy I have been. I began my graduate education in January of 2012 and I am in the last stretch of the program. I have been attending school full-time and I even had two semesters (out of six) with an extra class in order to get the degree done in just two years... in December I will graduate with a Master's degree in Public Health!

In May of last year I was elected as President of the Maternal and Child Health Student Organization and in April of 2013 I hosted the 4th Annual MCHSO Spring Symposium, which focused on International MCH Topics. This was a fantastic event which drew a crowd of over 100 people spanning two days... and one of the Keynote Speakers was my dad!

Last summer I received a great honor when I was awarded the Maternal and Child Health Leadership Trainee Scholarship from my school and enjoyed a year of free-tuition, mentorships, professional trainings, conferences, and some extra money from a stipend!

In August of 2012 I took a position with the Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative working as a Graduate Research Assistant. I am still working diligently on this project, which aims to decrease the number of early elective and non-medically indicated deliveries before 39 weeks of gestation throughout Florida's hospitals.
In addition to all this, I have also doula'ed for a couple of families and I facilitated two breastfeeding support groups, one on campus and one in the community for REACHUP, INC.

Wow! I can hardly believe how much I accomplished this past year and I am amazed that I still found time to spend with my amazing and supportive boyfriend and our 4 adorable pets :)

Here's to another year of improving Maternal and Child Health and blogging as Wisdom and Birth! Please share my blog with others and help encourage a birth revolution!

~Wisdom and Birth

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