Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Hearts Make Happy Minds ~ Heart Communication between the Motherbaby

Your heart emits waves of energy that others around you are able to 'sense' through their intelligent heart... We can communicate with our hearts!

Your heart has thousands of sensory neurons, 40,000 actually, which send more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart, says the Institute of Heartmath.

They even say that this energy field, emitting from your heart, can be measured several feet from your body and can operate independently of your (cranial) brain...

With a complex set of its own neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells... your heart is capable of acting as it's own information processing center. Your heart is a brain!

Your heart brain processes emotional information - the sensory neurons in the heart sense the emotional state of another being by picking up on the heart waves, the electrical wave output, created by the hearts of others.

Negative emotions emit erratic, chaotic and disorganized heart waves ~ positive emotions emit organized waves - which can increase your ability to make good decisions, can boost your immune system, and can physiologically benefit other organ systems in your body!

But truly, this is nothing new, right? We've always known that we feel better, more organized, and stable when we are in a state of ease and happiness ~ that negative emotions make us feel exhausted, disorganized, and out of control.

So how about the connection between a mother and her child? 

Mothers and babies can communicate, through their hearts.

For most of the pregnancy, and during the 'fourth trimester', there are two hearts within such a close distance to one another ~ energetically influencing one another, often resonating together.

In fact, the baby's heart begins beating ~ emitting an electrical pattern ~ before the brain has begun developing. It is possible, I'd even say very likely that the baby's heart patterns inform and influence the development of the brain and other organ systems.

In a positive state, your heart emits an organized wave pattern. These positive wavelengths support optimal health. Your cells practically buzz with life when they are bathed in this positive wavelength.

Babies begin as a cell buzzing with life.

It is reasonable to think that from a sperm and egg, and then as a newly created single cell, early embryos are impacted by the resonance of their mother's heart. Negative heart patterns (chronic ones, not necessarily brief stressors) could damage the growth and potential of the developing baby, whereas positive energy would help organize and stabilize growth, optimizing potential.

After birth, and some would argue for life, babies need to be comforted very close to the heart.

We have always thought it was for the sound, the steady beat...but, with this knowledge of heart resonance and it's impact on others, it is reasonable to think that the baby may also need the organized heart energy of their mother (or another loving person) to help them regulate and stabilize... and thrive!

Incredibly, you can calm your heart in order to calm your mind and you can help your baby calm theirs.

Think about those times when you are rushed, frazzled, disorganized, disoriented, and the tiniest thing sends you into an emotional outrage... or when your baby is experiencing this. I'm sure, like me, you find it incredibly difficult to make your 'rational' brain calm down and see things in a reasonable manner... and your baby isn't even close to having developed this capability.

Instead, focus on your heart. Visualize your heart, and the space surrounding it. Envision peace, warmth, and love in this space around your heart. This can help your heart to organize and regulate your brain.

Then, visualize your child's heart. Send their heart love, warmth, acceptance, and peace. Feel the connection between your hearts as they are both bathed in love. When someone near you is upset, you can help them become more regulated and organized through your calm heart, emanating love.

Eventually, help them develop this capability for themselves - to direct their heart sense and bathe themselves and others in love!   

The Institute of Heartmath has great information, much of it free, about how to concentrate on your heart and develop a 'heart sense'. I highly recommend checking them out!

Happy hearts make happy minds!
~Wisdom and Birth

*Thank you to the Institute of Heartmath for much of this information and for helping me live a more conscious, peaceful, and emotionally organized life!

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