Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Doula Hangover

Being a doula entails the self-less act of supporting a woman throughout the entirety of her labor... and contrary to what you see in movies, labor IS NOT a quick event, sometimes lasting 24, 36, even 48 hours and doulas are there for most of it!

As doulas we often join the mother in early labor and we don't leave until a few hours after the baby is born.

So, as you can imagine, after countless hours of massaging, hip squeezing, kneeling, standing, walking... doulas are exhausted (to say the least) after providing labor support. 

Not to mention trying to remember to eat and stay hydrated is often overlooked or minimally attended to as we often put the mother's needs before our own. 

So not only is your body working hard for a full day (or more!), but it is doing so with less water and calories than typical. 

Somehow, though, the energy of the birth keeps you going for as long as you are needed... but once the birth is over and you are headed home, the extreme fatigue sets in. 

This is when your DOULA HANGOVER begins!

Truly, I don't think there are many positions that can boast working for 24, 36, or even 48 hours with a supportive smile on your face and a willingness to do whatever it takes to help a mother give birth!

Doulas are a special breed of incredible!

~Wisdom and Birth

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