Thursday, October 30, 2014

GERBER SUED over False Health Claims!!!

Well it's about damn time...

Gerber (a product of Nestle), and a number of other infant formula manufacturers, have long claimed health benefits of their formula and infant food products.

Reminds me of this wonderful example :)

False advertising and unethical predatory practices have undermined the hard-work mothers, health professionals, and public health specialists have put into improving breast feeding knowledge and practices.

So I know many proponents for mother-baby health, as well as ethical advertising and honest labeling, will cheer when they hear that the Federal Trade Commission has sued Gerber for making a false claim that their infant formula reduces the risk of developing allergies (haha, I call BS!).


I couldn't find any images online of Gerber being sued... so I made this one! Feel free to use this lovely image when spreading the news article, which can be found here.

Now we'll just have to see if money can buy them out of this one, because we all know they don't have any data to back up their claims!

Here's to honest adverting and labeling!
~Wisdom and Birth


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